touch & feel, v17

~ a breezy and drizzly evening in the yard

measure, cut, & fasten

this week’s output is not digital but physical. my father-in-law drove down to help me install an air conditioner in the garage studio, where i work out of. it’s in austin, texas so the summers are spicy 🔥

the a.c. install involved cutting a sizable hole in the exterior brick wall of the garage, reinforcing the wooden framing, and fastening the a.c. with some burly brackets. with the unit up and running, i feel like a portion of our house has been unlocked to be used more frequently. you could spot me in the middle of hammering the bricks out of the way…

this experience awakened the joys i get from playing in the physical world, from building physical things. this is a projector shelf (white oak) that i built for our place back in brooklyn (some other physical things i made here)…

the physical, the textural

the physical is something i want to bring in to my design practice. i was introduced to the artist helena almeida by one of zach lieberman’s talks. her photographs! the painted layer above the photographs! the textural break from the flatness of the image is so tasteful and of perfect intensity.

have a vibrant one,