touch & feel, v18

~ biking across the colorado river last thursday


friends, the last two weeks have been some of the most mentally challenging ones i’ve experienced as an adult. it involves a range of things, primarily family related happenings, secondarily thoughts about what is next professionally, and thirdly the cocktail of issues outside of the home (equality, covid, democracy).

all these things have temporarily extinguished my energy to play, explore, and create outside of work. i hope this period is brief and that i return with even more energy than before, we’ll see. definitely not seeking pity, just being transparent.

in aerodynamics, headwinds go against the direction of an object like a plane. the good thing about it is that headwinds make it “easier” for a plane to take off since it provides more lift. i tend to think personal challenges are ultimately strengthening exercises.

atomic habits

as i unpack all the happenings, i’ve been listening to atomic habits by james clear. it’s been a great listen and has encouraged me to adjust my perspective on habit / behavior change.

less emphasis on the outcomes and more emphasis on my desired identities and then having that influence the outcomes. less emphasis on goals, more emphasis on the systems.

i consider my monthly audible subscription one of my best “investments”. i’ve been taking notes on my phone whenever there’s an especially useful idea as well as “bookmarking” it in the audible app. it’s been helping me with recall but experience or peers will guide me to a better method to “save” and “integrate” audiobook information in my mind. btw, james clear’s resource page has some solid free material.

awaiting lift,