touch & feel ②①

hello from the other side.

the other side of yourself, myself, the world. the changes that have happened across all possible levels since our last shared note could not have been imagined. i hope you (and your family) are well — stronger, brighter. i believe i am.


i finally feel the bandwidth to be curious again and make something. covid hit, my marriage dissolved, i moved back to new york. all of those events and the events in between, amounted to be the greatest psychological challenge of my time.

but that was then and now is now and the capacity to create is back 🔥 i briefly considered the playground to play in — to play with the web or stay in iOS land. coarse thoughts on pros of each playground, in the context of “art”, which also serves as cons for the other:

www play

  • access - open access to all, across any device

  • freedom - no approval process between idea and audience

  • utility - useful skill to increase professionally

iOS play

  • depth - camera, haptics, native ar, vr, ml frameworks

  • intimacy / objectification - something special about sharing my “object” on your “home” screen

  • utility - useful skill to increase professionally, in a different way from www play

for this art practice, i’ll continue with iOS but there are some www projects i have in mind for non-art practice.

curious to see if you fine folks have thoughts on the last exploration that i did. i wanted to make the image that you shoot on your phone more of an object you could handle and perhaps “develop” in sort of a new “studio” space. the accelerometer, gyroscope, all of that is listening and animating the movement of the image. there’s a light positioned in the studio casting shadows, the backdrop color pulls colors from the image, etc.

find the above going in an interesting direction? not really? have an angle on it that’s fresh? hit reply and let’s jam.


i drove up to the hunter area of upstate new york and made a pit stop at dia beacon (thanks for the suggestion ayush 🙏).

i was introduced to imi knoebel’s work and was moved by it. really enjoyed the deep dive into seriality. besides the value within one of the art pieces, seeing a series of them widens the original thoughts the artist’s work triggered — a world is created instead.

speaking of series, please check out the show mythic quest on apple tv+ — it’s

your bud, hoyd breton